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Frequently Asked Questions



Q: What is your experience on exporting stone products?

A: We have more than eight years experience on exporting stone products. Our buyers come from United States, Canada, Australia,Singapore, Slovakia, UK, Portugal, and German. We have been supply to hotels such as Holiday Inn Express, Wingate Inn, Comfort Inn, Hampton Inn, Best Western, etc. The products to hotels and condos cover countertops, vanity tops, tub surrounds in 3/8”, soap dishes, windowsills, marble and granite tiles and medallion, etc. We also delivered pre-fabricated and customer size products to wholesale buyers in Unite Sates. Our clients com from Canada, LA, San Francisco, Oakland in CA, LV in NV, Nashville and Memphis in TN, Richmond in VA, and MD, WA, NJ, UT, FL, IN, etc.




Q: I would like to know if you could get us an additional discount.

A: The price list provided is the best we can offer. There may be a little bit space for negotiation for some colors if you do get a very big order. Please keep in mind price of stone varies from time to time like New York Stock Market.


Q: Why I cannot find islands price in the list?

A: It is very hard to quote island price before we know the quantity of islands in an order. Islands are deferent from countertops, its height and length varies from taste of buyers.


There are two methods to make islands.


One is made from gang saw slabs, which cost much more comparing to circular saw slabs. You cannot make full use of the gang saw slabs. If the island is in 72”x36”, how much percent of the slab is of no use if the slab we cut from is 102”x60”? The problem of gang saw slab island is that its color cannot match the countertops, if countertops are cut from circular saw slabs. They are not from a same block. The color consistence problem may incur argument between you and us or you and your buyer.


People may ask why not cut islands and countertops both from gang saw slabs. It does solve the problem of color consistence. However both price of countertops and islands will be very high as they are from gang saw slabs.


Another method is to cut both islands and countertops by circular saw from same block. However most countertops are in size 96”x26”, islands are in size 36”x72”, 39” or 36”x96”. Due to the radium limitation of circular saw, the maximum height of island is 40”. If we cut islands from the same block for countertops, the shapes of block will look wield and we cannot make full use of the rest of block. The cost of it is unimaginable. And it exhausts our cash as the rest of block we do not know when and how we can make use of it.


Thus an order combined of countertop and island put a manufacturer in a dilemma. Factory estimator and supervisor has to make his effort to figure out what is the best solution to balance between cost efficient both for buyer and ourselves, color consistence and blocks availability.


A visit to our factory may help understand better.




Q: What is your payment term?

A: T/T 30% deposits before fabrication. 70% balance after container on board but before we release B/L to the buyer by FedEx. A scanned copy of B/L will provide to ensure our buyers that the containers were on board. A buyer can also pay by irrevocable L/C at sight.




Q: How I can minimize lose from broken products?

A: You can buy insurance to cover damage. The insurance rates is around 0.3-0.5% of total amount. However insurance company do not pay if the damage is less than 2%.


Q: How does your company handle claims for damaged product?

A: In general we do not approve claims for breakage during shipment as there is too much possibility that may incur damage during shipping. Our price is always in FOB thus our liability closes when the container passes cross the shipboard. Sometimes buyers will break products during unloading or unpacking, and a truck driver turn around too fast at a cross will result in the crates fall off from the upper layer even if we brace and reinforce crates in the container: We do what we can to minimize broken. Tiles, pre-fab countertops, vanity tops and tub surround seldom get damaged.




Q: How does your company handle claims for poor quality product?

A: Amoy Tostone has inspectors for each steps of fabrication. We try every effort to provide quality products to our buyers. However sometimes we did receive claim of quality problem. If there does exist bad quality workmanship due to fault of human being, you should take photos of that product for claim of replacement. A photo on the label at the backside of the stone helps identify which inspectors should be blamed. It helps improve our management on quality inspection.




Q: What is your normal delivery time from date of order to shipment date?

A: We do not make products in stock to keep minimum inventory to ensure our flexibility and cash fluency. It takes around four weeks for fabrication and one more week for fumigation and custom clearing. Depend on our orders at hand. Sometimes we can finish within two weeks but if we are busy with other orders, it takes one month for your turn.




Q: How many stone can I put into a container?

A: According to the USA/CANADA Highway Maximum Cargo Weight Regulation, you can get at most 36000 Lb (or 16.3 metric tons) in one standard container to DOOR of your warehouse or site of project. If we ship by tri-axle chassis, you can get Maximum 43,000Lb(or 19.5MT). If you unload the containers at port, we can deliver at most 45,000Lb(or 20.5MT). That is the gross weight in a container. Generally we have to reserve 2,000Lb(or 1MT) for the weight of crates.


The density of most stones is 2,700 to 2,800 keg per cubic meter, (or 170Lb per cubic foot). Black granite such as Shanxi Black or Black Galaxy is around 3,000Kg per cubic meter. It is easy to figure out how much stone you can get into a container.


Q: Can I mix Granite with Marble in a container?

A: Yes. You can mix granite with marble.


Q: What is maximum stone colors I can buy in a container for countertops and/or tiles?

A: 4 to 6. We will appreciate an order less than four colors. However some imported colors are not so popular. If you select it, it will make us inefficient and cost will be very high.


Q: How to calculate the weight of stone products?

A: The density of most of the stone ranges from 2,800 to 3,000 kilogram per cub meter. Tiles in 1cm(3/8”) thickness will be around 28 kilogram(62Lb) per square meter. Or 5.8Lb per square foot. Slabs, countertops, vanity tops, tiles in 2cm(3/4) will be around 56 KGS per SQM. Most of the carved fireplace mantels will be around 400KGS to 600KGS each unit including package.