1, impurities, in 50 CMS face visual inspection, per square meter impurities are not allowed to be more than 3, each diameter < 0.5 mm and no concentration distribution, the same mesh of raw material color particles per square meter allow 3-5.

2, the air bubbles on the countertop are also to 50㎝ faces visual inspection, the surface is not allowed to have air bubbles.

BQ8815 Misterio Quartz Stone Surfaces

BQ8815 Misterio Quartz Stone Surfaces for kitchen countertops.

3, cracks, in 50 CMS visual inspection, no cracks, no broken surface, and obvious cracks repair traces.

4, color visual inspection, the same set of plate plates is not allowed to have a color difference, and the sample color deviation shall not be too large.

5, scratches visual inspection, countertop chamfering and smooth surface, no scratches.

BQ8815 Misterio Quartz Stone

BQ8815 Misterio Quartz Stone countertops for kitchens.

6, linear visual inspection, each set of countertop linear clear, smooth, waterproof line without cracking, no obvious uneven and visible processing traces.

7, Use a level for dimensions, countertop flat requirements, no wave shape, and size error is less than ±3mm.

8, visual inspection, the surface gloss is the same, clean appearance, no stains. Finish using a finish meter of 55±5 degrees.

9. Visual inspection at the connection, the mesa connection line is straight, polished, and smooth, without glue printing, at the bottom of the connection mouth, there is a cushion reinforcement (due to the characteristics of the quartz, there is no obvious connection trace at the connection).

10, basin hole visual inspection, basin and table joint smooth, positive, and reverse glue material full, firm, a combined line straight, beautiful. Furnace hole wall straight, no obvious processing traces, circular transition around the natural, four corners of the furnace hole must be bonded to strengthen the support.

BQ8660 Venatino Quartz Stone

BQ8660 Venatino Quartz Stone countertops for kitchens.

The above standards are not industry standards, nor can restrict quartz manufacturers. But can serve as reference data when everybody installs kitchen countertops.