Because the bathroom has the special function of bathing, there is a lot of water vapor. If the stone is not properly maintained, it is very easy to be polluted. Therefore, once you choose a kind of stone to decorate your bathroom, you must design a complete maintenance plan in advance to ensure that the stone will maintain a natural and beautiful appearance for a long time and extend its service life.

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The maintenance program shall include cleaning and disinfection of bacteria and mold from the stone surface. At the same time, the cleaning agent shall not corrode the surface of the stone and prevent the regeneration of mold.

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At present, most cleaning disinfectants used at home contain irritant acid, alkali and other chemical substances that have a great impact on the surface and color of natural stones. These chemicals will have an adverse effect on the mineral composition inside the stone. What is particularly serious is that most of the cleaning agents must stay on the stone surface for at least five minutes before they can play a cleaning role. During this period, the cleaning agents have started to damage the stone. Therefore, experts recommend that the stone surface of the bathroom should be cleaned with a neutral acid-base detergent. The daily use of this cleaning agent will also reduce the production of bacteria and mildew.