The general operating procedures for cleaning the stone face of the washstand, washbasin, shower room, and bathroom wall are as follows:

  1. According to the manufacturer’s operating instructions, dilute the cleaning agent in a certain proportion.
  2. Spray the diluted cleaning liquid on all the countertops or walls of the bathroom, and let it stay for a certain time so that the cleaning liquid can fully permeate.
  3. Wipe the remaining cleaning liquid on the surface with a soft cloth.

To clean the stone on the stone floor of the bathroom, the following procedures can be followed:

  1. Thoroughly clean the whole floor.
  2. Dilute the cleaning agent in a certain proportion.
  3. Apply the diluted cleaning agent to the stone surface with a clean cloth.
  4. The diluent of the cleaning agent shall be replaced every 28 square meters of stone.
  5. After the stone surface is dried, wipe the remaining cleaning liquid with clean water.

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The cleaning process of the cement mortar gap in the bathroom is as follows:

  1. Clean the whole area to be cleaned first.
  2. Dilute a non-irritating and non-acidic permeable stone cleaning agent in a certain proportion, and then apply the diluent to the surface of the gap.
  3. Leave it for several minutes to allow the cleaning liquid to penetrate the gap.
  4. Brush the gap with a soft brush, and then immediately clean the remaining cleaning liquid on the surface of the gap with a soft cloth or wet suction method.
  5. Brush the surface immediately with a neutral stone cleaner with a pH value of 7.

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Generally speaking, the general cleaning agent should stay on the stone surface for at least five minutes, to kill the mold on the stone surface. Wipe the stone surface on the horizontal or vertical surface with a soft cloth to ensure that the stone surface is clean. A small area test shall be conducted before large area cleaning.

In addition, all bathroom stones must be surface treated with a suitable permeable protective agent, which will help reduce the adhesion rate and effectively prevent the growth of bacteria and mildew. After protection, it is also effective on the surface of cement mortar.

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Since the permeable protective agent can protect the indoor stone, the polishing agent with penetrating function can be used to protect the brightness of the stone surface after the protection