As we all know, quartz stone is made of 93% quartz sand and 7% resin and other adhesives by die-casting equipment, which belongs to artificial stone products. Because the slab filling material is mainly quartz sand, manufacturers named it quartz stone. Quartz stone price is too high has become its shortcomings; why is quartz countertop so expensive? Look down and you’ll see.

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  1. The requirements of quartz slabs for raw materials are stricter. The quartz sand used is after removing impurities and pickling to quartz manufacturers, Before the slab production, but also through manual screening, so that there is no radiation source in the slab.

  1. quartz slabs in production to experience vacuum high pressure and high vibration, this is a certain requirement, the vacuum must reach more than -90kpa, and high pressure and high vibration pressure to reach more than 50 tons. In this way, the slab does not contain any pores, the density can be more than 2.3g/ m3, and the water absorption rate is 0.02%, almost zero.

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  1. Furnace heating curing can be divided into tower furnace hydraulic heating and transmission of natural gas heating, but the curing time is more than 80 minutes. After the plate cures without any pores and small cracks, so the slab polishing is as bright as the mirror.