Quartz is a mineral that will not be consumed quickly. It is also the most widely used ore in the world, and its storage in the earth’s crust is quite abundant. This makes it an ideal mineral for home use.

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It is widely used, from home decoration to electrical equipment and so on.

Quartz can be designed as an outdoor heater. This kind of heater can only generate infrared radiation energy when heating, thus saving electricity. It can also be installed in the fitting room away from children and pets because the heater does not have any flame.

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Quartz stone can be designed as a kitchen countertop. Replace granite and marble countertop with quartz stone. Quartz countertops are more scratch resistant, easier to clean, and will not be damaged by household chemicals. Its color is also more uniform because quartz stone is used to make solid surface mesa during processing.

Quartz can make pressure watches. Quartz has piezoelectric properties, which makes it possible to generate a charge control voltage.

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Quartz can be used as the interior wall of the bathroom and bathtub. It is heat-resistant, not easy to be scratched, and easy to clean, which makes it an excellent and durable choice for the bathroom.

Quartz can also be made into jewelry. It is cheaper than other expensive stones, but it is as beautiful as diamonds. It is also easy to care for and very durable. It has many colors and can be used for many artistic purposes in jewelry design.

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