When we choose kitchen countertops material, we will give priority to quartz stone, although quartz stone is one of the best choices for kitchen countertops, now the market has a lot of quality gaps or even fake quartz stone countertops.

How do identify the real quartz countertop and fake quartz countertop?插图

The simplest identification method is to see the price, because of the quality of quartz stone, so the price is not destined to be low if you can buy quartz stone for less than $75 per linear meter. You might need to take a close look at the stone or quartz stone. Less than 50 dollars per linear meter must be a fake quartz countertop, fake quartz stone looks like a quartz stone, but the hardness and oil permeability is very poor, not green guarded, or even toxic.

Below are the methods of authenticating real quartz countertops and fake quartz countertops.

  1. It is very important to judge the quality of quartz stone’s finish because the finish represents stain resistance. The simplest method is to use a marker to draw on the surface to see if it can be erased. If it can be erased, the stain resistance is strong, and if it cannot, the stain resistance is poor. It is recommended not to buy it. In addition, the quartz stone produced by regular manufacturers has a jet code on the back, pay attention to see the sign.
  2. To identify hardness (wear resistance), a simple way is to use a steel knife. Quartz countertop is made of 94% quartz and 6% resin, with a hardness of up to 7 degrees, and the fake quartz countertop is made of marble powder and resin synthesis, so the hardness is generally 4-6 degrees, in simple terms, quartz stone is harder than the fake ones, more scratch-resistant, wear-resistant. Will leaving the white imprint is fake quartz stone if steel knife across, because its hardness is not as good as steel, revealing the white inside if steel knife cut surface, and pure quartz stone will only leave a black mark if steel knife across the surface, because the steel knife does not break the quartz stone, but left traces of steel.

How do identify the real quartz countertop and fake quartz countertop?插图1

3 quartz stone due to the characteristics of its material, determines its high-temperature resistance, Temperatures below 300 degrees Celsius do not affect it at all. will not occur deformation and fracture; Because the fake quartz contains a large amount of resin, it is particularly prone to deformation and charring at high temperatures. Try a lighted cigarette butt pressed on the table or burned directly with a lighter. If there is no trace, then it’s real quartz stone and vice versa.

4 high-quality quartz stone countertops will add 100% high-quality aluminum powder, a spoonful of edible white vinegar can make all the inferior artificial stone, and fake quartz stone shows the original form. But other kinds of vinegar are not effective, such as mature vinegar. Pour a tablespoon of white vinegar on the table of fake quartz countertop and real quartz stone. After 30 seconds, if many tiny bubbles are produced, it shows that they are fake quartz stones. Because the calcium carbonate in the fake quartz stone reacts with the white vinegar, creating bubbles. This kind of countertop price is low, easy aging, cracking, color absorption, and short life service.