Quartz stone is in numerous ambry mesa material not only appearance is beautiful, and wear-resisting, easy swabbing, and environmental protection. Quartz stone is made up of more than 90% of quartz sand and 7% of resin and other binders by high pressure and high vibration, its hardness up to Mohs hardness level 7 second only to diamond, which is incomparable to other decorative stone, but also a reason for the high price of quartz stone.

Calacatta Quartz

Quartz stone price is a lot of people are more concerned about the problem, and even a lot of end-users will contact quartz stone manufacturers directly to inquire, but the price quoted by the manufacturers is the plate price and not the finished product.

Quartz stone product quality is not the same as the price is not the same, the average price of quartz stone is about 50-200doallers /square foot, the lowest market price is about35-160doallers/square foot, the highest can reach several hundred dollars per square foot. The price of our quartz kitchen countertops ranges from 75 dollars per square foot to 200 dollars. Of course, there are 45 dollars per square foot on the market, and even cheaper.

Since are all quartz stones but why there will be such a big gap? We’ll work it out to know, quartz countertops price includes mesa design, quartz plate, cutting, before and after the combination, flush bonding (low water-retaining circle arc after another billing), open hole bore (basin and furnace), the plate, pad or plate, and installation costs, etc., so we get in ambry inn per linear meter above fee is included in the price.

How much per square foot is quartz? how to calculate the price?插图1

Let’s take a more straightforward algorithm, with the common small board (monochrome) 2440x750x15mm as an example, the average price is about 95 per sheet, and the price per square foot is about 30 dollars; The labor cost of processing and installation per meter is about 75 dollars per meter (excluding the low arc of the rear water retaining circle); Mat strip about 15 dollars per square feet; In addition to loading basin, loss, glue (resin glue, structural glue, glass glue, etc.), auxiliary materials, transportation, storage, and processing equipment depreciation and so on; So we can be very intuitive to calculate the price of quartz stone countertop per square foot.