Is it the thicker the better?

Quartz stone is an artificial stone made of quartz sand and resin. Its biggest advantage is that wear-resisting is not afraid to scratch, heat-resisting is good, not easy deformation. It can be said that quartz stone is the first choice of kitchen countertop stone and is also one of the highest utilization in residential applications, in many materials quartz stone price is also the highest.

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At present, the thickness of quartz stone in the market is 8mm, 15mm, 20mm, and 30mm, and the most common one on the market is 15mm. Speaking of this, a lot of people will think about the thickness of the slab the thicker the quality the better?

The thickness of quartz stone is not the standard to determine the quality, because the use of the different ranges of thickness has certain requirements. For example, kitchen countertop can be applied 1.5mm is optimal, the use of the ground majority chooses 20mm or 30mm thickness, accent wall majority chooses thin ones. There is no good or bad, only suitable and not suitable. The scope of application is not the same, so the quality requirements are not the same.

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