In the kitchen cabinet decoration, the current mainstream is still a quartz stone countertop because of hardness and density, not easier to permeate color, scratch resistance, easier to clean. But belongs to kitchen lampblack, come down for a long time to quartz, the countertop will receive negative impact, dirt and stains, long ignored quartz, the countertop will sell at a discount greatly, so the quartz countertops maintenance cleaning is required, the following will share some quartz countertop clean technique, and see it together.

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Quartz stone countertop maintenance

1, Quartz stone countertop waxing quartz stone countertop in addition to cleaning, but also must be waxed, especially to pay attention to is the joint mesa joint place if there are stains, then suggest the first time to scrub, and to focus on waxing here, if possible, here waxing frequency can be high.

2, Countertop to prevent high temperature cannot put high-temperature objects directly on the surface of quartz stone, even if the quartz stone can be high temperature resistant but still may give its surface with damage. Also do not cut vegetables directly on the countertop or hit the countertop hard.

3, Quartz stone countertop infiltration if the quartz stone countertop infiltration situation in the home, you can contact after-sales processing.

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Quartz stone table cleaning skills

1, With a knife to scrape the dirt we in daily use to leave the water stains can be soaked in water or detergent and then wipe dry with a rag, if there is dirt, we can use a small blade to scrape the surface of the dirt and so on.

2, Vitamin C in addition to rust if there is rust on the table how to do, we can grind vitamin C tablets into powder and then re-add a little water into a paste, coated in rust for ten minutes, with a wet rag clean.

3, Smear toothpaste cleaning if you accidentally pour soy sauce or vinegar this dark thing on the quartz stone table, we should immediately wipe clean. Then we apply toothpaste to the quartz stone table. After 10 minutes, wipe the stain with a damp cloth.