The kitchen countertop is suitable to give priority to white. White, represent chaste, calm, and elegant. walking into a kitchen, releasing all bad mood, more benefit at appetite stimulative. White or bright colors are especially good for kitchen countertops.

1, white

Immaculate, spotless color. The countertop that gives priority to tone with simple white, quietly elegant, clean sense, it is the best choice undoubtedly. The contrasting colors of white and black create a simple, calming effect, White with any color will produce a sense of surprise.

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2, canary

canary can be combined with a variety of colors to create a satisfactory effect, such as blue, green, red, and so on. Apricot yellow can create the bold and unrestrained artistic conception that gives youth again.

3, red

Enthusiastic and unrestrained, full of festive color. It can not only reflect the owner’s strong and bold personality but also show the vigor and vitality of young people and show showiness. According to other tests, red can make the appetite peak.

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4, green

Relaxed and pleasant colors. Green is a theme that never runs out and never makes people feel bored, because every change of it corresponds to the impression that nature gives to human beings, so green is suitable for all people who like it. The transition from light green to grey-green and then dark purple completes the transition from outdoor to indoor, which corresponds to the natural response of human vision to space.

5, silver-gray

The popularity of silver-gray is the product of the modern civilized city, efficiency, health, positivity, and enthusiasm. Silver-ash and the ambry countertop that modern feeling is strong.

6, wood color

Back to basics, very neutral. The simple atmosphere of solid wood, coupled with the simple design, makes the warm rustic atmosphere full of family space. It can highlight the warm feeling.

The above is the relevant knowledge of the kitchen countertop colors, which hopefully, will help you.