The luster of quartz is not particularly good. We can improve the luster by polishing. There are different polishing methods, such as dry or wet polishing. When polishing quartz stone, the relevant equipment must be prepared to achieve a satisfactory result.

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Polishing needs a polishing agent which is then added to machines and equipment. To move the polisher back and forth over the quartz countertop, including every nook and cranny, we need to use a liquid wax that is evenly applied to the machine and sanded about two or three times. The Quartz stone surface will be very bright, and the glossiness is very strong.

In addition, olive oil can be daub on the quartz surface, can be thicker, let quartz totally immerse in olive oil, wait for after 2 ~ 3 days, use a dry cloth to wipe olive oil off, your quartz will restore the shiny, but this method is only suitable for a small area if it is a large area, this approach is a waste of olive oil.

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When we use quartz in our daily life, we should clean it with a wet cloth after each use. Do not stay the oil stains and pigments on the surface until the next day, otherwise, it will be very difficult to clean it.

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