1. According to the hardness of the plate, there are two methods of quartz stone: one is die-casting; The other is casting.

Casting quartz stone is directly cast and formed, but it will cause pores in the plate and easily make the plate penetrate, and too much resin will make the plate easy to crack.

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The die-casting quartz stone is formed by die-casting with a press so that the plate is tighter and denser without penetration. King quartz, as a quartz stone manufacturer, uses the most advanced press, which is more than 60 tons and about 90 tons. The stress on one square of the plate is 20t, so the hardness of the plate can reach Mohs hardness level 6 or above (which can be tested by professional departments). Generally, the countertop is knocked on the site, and the sound is relatively light and brittle, so the quality of the countertop is relatively reliable.

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  1. Whether the quartz countertop can be well done depends on the strength of the manufacturer. The strength of the manufacturer is determined by the R & D department, and the color of the quartz stone can precisely reflect the strength of a company. The color of quartz stone is mainly monochrome and mixed. Monochromatic quartz stone is mainly judged by the transparency of the background color, whether there is a color difference and how many impurities.
  2. From the particle analysis, the particles of good quartz stone are generally rich, including glass particles, quartz sand particles, and metal particles, and the impurities of good plate particles are relatively small, so the plate is fresh, clean, and beautiful.
  3. Finally, from the analysis of raw materials, the main material of quartz stone contains more than 90% of quartz sand and about 6% of resin and particulate trace elements. There are two kinds of quartz sand: coarse sand and fine sand. The coarse sand contains more impurities due to screening, and the mineral sand is relatively coarse. Compared with the fine quartz sand, the countertop is not good-looking.
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