Now the stone market is in chaos. Many businesses will sell artificially colored natural stones. Here’s how to distinguish them.

Identification method of artificial colored stone.插图

  1. The colored stone is bright in color, but unnatural and has no color difference. From the section and bottom, the colored stone is black as a whole because it has been soaked, while the front section and bottom should be white gray.
  2. The gloss of colored stone is generally lower than that of natural stone.
  3. Identification method of artificial colored stone.插图1
  4. Stones coated with wax to increase gloss are baked with matches or lighters, and the surface loses luster and shows its original appearance.
  5. At the notch of the plate, a layer of coloring penetration can be seen, with deep coloring on the surfaces on both sides and shallow in the middle.
  6. Colored stones coated with oil to increase gloss have a sense of oil stains on the back.Identification method of artificial colored stone.插图2
  7. The coated colored stone has high gloss, but the film is not strong enough, easy to wear, and there are scratches when looking at the light.
  8. Colored stones are domestic stones with loose stones, large pores, and high-water absorption, which can also be distinguished by knocking.