compare quartz to Corian which one is better for the kitchen countertop?

Quartz stone is made of more than 90% quartz and resin, quartz, and resin are also very green. Because it is made of high temperature and pressed, the density is very large, the hardness is very high, so it is very wear-resistant, of course, it is also very high-temperature resistant. It won’t stain, and it’s antibacterial. Both indoor and outdoors can be widely used. The most frequently used area is the kitchen countertop. Now quartz stone has been widely used and recognized by most consumers. whether it is used in the kitchen or vanity top, or outside is very appropriate, and very high-end.

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The disadvantages of quartz are the market diversity, the consumers are difficult to distinguish the good or bad quality of quartz.

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Corina is made of natural minerals (alumina trihydrate) (55%), methyl methacrylate (40%), and pigments (5%). It has the characteristics of impermeability, anti-fouling, inhibiting the breeding of bacteria, and so on. It is widely used in many fields such as kitchen countertops, vanity tops, windowsill, indoor and outdoor walls, furniture, lighting, and so on.

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Corian density is not as large as quartz density, but its plasticity is particularly strong, it is powerful it can bend in the case of heating (more than 200 degrees), and then can shape after cooling. And has a comfortable touch, not so cold. Because the hardness of the Corian surface is not as good as quartz stone, so the wear resistance is relatively poor. Heat resistance is not as good as quartz stone, putting a hot pot on the Corian directly will produce ugly marks because the Corian is not resistant to high temperatures. So busy kitchen countertops are not recommended.