The difference between quartz stone and marble.

In the stone market, quartz stone and marble are the material that has been highly chosen. But a lot of consumers are entangled for choose marble or quartz for their home applications. So, what’s the difference between quartz and marble?

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1, quartz stone itself has obvious characteristics, it is very hard, not easy to scratch, and impossible to penetrate any liquid, quartz has no radiation, and has no harm to the body. We can often see quartz stone applied to the family kitchen countertop. But the price of quartz stone in the stone industry is also the most expensive one, after all, its hardness is very high, and the processing process is very complex. Quartz stone is classified as artificial stone.

2, marble is classified as natural stone material and has a lot of advantages. Such as diversity of patterns, solid, advanced touch always has gorgeous image, price compared with quartz is relatively low, for marble, are used in walls, floors of the building, has a beautiful effect because is the natural stone material, Therefore, it is easily affected by the natural environment and should not be used on the kitchen countertop.

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3, quartz stone and marble in the scope of use are different, quartz stone is often used in the kitchen operating table, bar table, and marble will be used in the background of the TV and sofa wall, and windowsill.

Although the surface of quartz stone is very hard and durable, if heat and pressure are beyond the standard, it will also produce damage to quartz stone. But the daily use in the kitchen will not affect the chemical properties of quartz stone, because its melting point reaches more than 1300 degrees, which is other artificial stones are incomparable.

2, Marble is the backlog of rocks in nature for years, It is a metamorphic rock formed after limestone recrystallized There will be a lot of creature textures in the marble, That’s because, at the time of deposition, some of the components are other materials, The inside of marble is mostly calcium carbonate, which is a slightly alkaline substance, So we can’t use acid detergent to clean marble surface, individual marble also contains a small part of silica inside.


Decorate in the residential, from the purchases, the stone material of quartz and marble are higher than the other because quartz and marble itself have many different properties, so their position and function will have a lot of difference when buying stone material can have a look at the first, use the position in the family, make sure what kind of requirements you have, so to choose the most suitable for your home stone.