What else applications of quartz except for countertops?

The scope of use of quartz stone.

Speaking of quartz stone, the first thing we think of is the kitchen countertop, quartz stone has no deformation, high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, and antibacterial characteristics, these are very suitable for kitchen countertops.

Quartz stone as a building material can have many uses, such as building facade decoration, but as a home decoration material, there is plenty of play elsewhere.

Is quartz can only do kitchen countertops?插图

Quartz stone patterns can be designed in a variety of styles, some people put the quartz stone pattern design into Chinese ink painting, so you can use it to do the background wall, such as TV background wall, not too flashy and very special.

Now, most apartments have a bay window structure, bay window can use quartz stone pavement, one is to reflect the integrity, but also to waterproof and UV defend.

Quartz stone can be used as a tile for flooring. Quartz stone floor pattern diversity, high-end fashion, form a whole in the spacious living room, extend from the front door to the bedroom, can also take the center of the living room as a midpoint, paved with a whole custom pattern of quartz stone.

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Quartz stone can also be used to do the table, the quartz slab can be polished and cut into a whole table, with four table legs, to become a complete table; A small piece can also be cut and embedded in a wooden table as a decoration. This quartz stone Mosaic is like a kind of decoration, can be used as a table, can also be designed as a coffee table, a few desktops, or as a flower shelf.

Quartz stone can also be processed into mosaics, there is a quartz stone Mosaic material, that can be used on the wall and floor. Can spread stick toilet wall, or kitchen backsplash wall.

In addition to home decoration applications, quartz stone is also widely used in the commercial field, many high-end commercial buildings have very high-quality requirements for stone and generally choose quartz stone decoration and application, to enhance the commercial value.