The main material of quartz stone is quartz, which is radiation-free and has high hardness, which makes the quartz stone countertop scratch-free, stain-free, heat resistant, durable, and non-toxic. The quartz stone countertop has a variety of colors and can be widely used in public buildings (hotels, restaurants, banks, hospitals, exhibitions, laboratories, etc.) and home decoration (kitchen countertop, vanity top, kitchen wall, dining table, tea table, windowsill, threshold, etc.), It is non-radioactive, reusable, environment-friendly, green new building interior decoration material.

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  1. Easy to clean: any dirt can be cleaned with soap or detergent.
  2. Anti-fouling: It cannot be penetrated by any liquid and has no pores and pores. The stubborn stains, such as ink or hair dye, can be removed.
  3. Impact resistance: Compared with ordinary stone or polymer, it has stronger resistance to cracking/crazing and cannot be scratched.
  4. Heat resistance: It has more heat resistance than ordinary surface materials.
  5. Flame retardant: It is a kind of flame retardant material.
  6. Food standard: You can have regular contact with food.
  7. Hygienic property: mold, bacteria, and other microorganisms cannot survive on the surface without pores.
  8. Corrosion resistance: strong acid and salt resistance, lifelong maintenance.
  9. non-toxicity: it does not emit any gas under normal temperature.
  10. Extremely strong plasticity: there are almost no design restrictions, and creativity is unlimited.

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