Quartz compared to granite, which one is better for indoor application?

The selection of kitchen countertops is very wide, in this article we will compare quartz stone and granite, to see the difference between the two kinds of stone.

Light Grey Quartz Stone

Light Grey Quartz Stone countertops for kitchen with sink cut out.

1. Quartz stone is a new type of artificial stone using new technology, composed of fine hard quartz, containing more than 93% of quartz and resin and other special materials. Quartz stone countertop is characterized by high hardness, high-temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, impact resistance, easy cleaning, and does not contain radioactive elements harmful to the human body. The surface of quartz stone is as hard as granite, the color is as rich as marble, the structure is as anti-corrosion and anti-fouling as glass, and the finished image is as perfect as artificial stone. So, quartz stone is very suitable for application in the interior, not limited to walls and countertops.

2. Granite belongs to magmatic rock, its main components are quartz, mica, feldspar, and so on. Compact structure, high hardness, wear resistance, pressure resistance, fire resistance, and erosion resistance. The patterns are speckled and mica luminescent, and durable, life service is about 200 years. Granite belongs to intermediate hardness, granite radioactive relatively large, which will cause harm to the human body, pattern choice is relatively poor, so granite is more suitable for outdoor application. Such as paving roads. For granite and quartz stone the price difference is large. Granite prices are relatively low. Granite has the advantage of being strong and durable, and not easily damaged or stained.

Grey Quartz Stone Surface

Grey Quartz Stone kitchen countertops with sink cout out.

So, besides the quality of these 2 different types of stone, the applications of granite and quartz are depended on your requirements. Every product can maximize its properties for you when you use them in the right way. if it applies in the interior of the structure, we recommend choosing quartz. If it applies to the exterior, then granite is the ideal choice.