Quartz countertop is one of many kinds of countertops in residential use. This material is characterized by its high hardness. The highest Mohs hardness is grade 10, and the hardness of quartz is more than half of the hardness Although very durable, the plasticity is not very high, because the hardness is too high. These are just some of the characteristics of quartz. What are the advantages and disadvantages of quartz?

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Quartz is generally made into the countertop. Of course, it is not made of natural stone, but of quartz sand and glass fragments. The production process is as follows: first, the quartz sand is made into powder, refined with precision instruments, and impurities and harmful substances are removed. Mixing with a variety of materials requires a lot of processes, and it is precisely because of these that high-quality quartz stones are produced.

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Some materials used to make the countertop will be easily scratched, but the quartz countertop will not be like this. The vacuum compression makes the hardness of the quartz stone as high as 7.5. Everyone knows that the highest hardness is 10, so the quartz stone will not be easily scratched. Also, the raw material of quartz is a material with a high melting point so that quartz can withstand high temperatures. Although it is not a natural stone, through special technology, quartz also has the feeling of a real stone.

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After going through multiple processes, the harmful substances have long been clear, and the countertop made of them can completely put food on it for operation. The pigment of quartz is mainly mineral pigment, which is the same as natural stone, and also does not easily change color and fade. Some countertops will be broken, but quartz ones will not. They have high elasticity and will not be easily broken. The daily maintenance is also very simple and convenient, which can be done with ordinary detergent.

As the saying goes, everything has two sides, so the high hardness causes the disadvantage that quartz is not easy to process. Another problem is that if the quartz stone is damaged by strong external pressure, it is not easy to repair it.