There are 3 classifications of quartz slabs.

1. Coarse particle slab,

2. Fine particle slab.

3. Powder slab.

Quartz stone slab type, and price comparison.插图

1. Coarse grain slab. The cheapest is coarse grain slab, processing steps are few, the craft is mature, the shortcoming is style does not have diversity, more common.

2. fine particles slab. Is to grind the quartz sand a little finer, look a little more delicate texture, looking at all the little dots, like sesame seeds. Affordable.

3 powder slabs. Focus on the powder slab, powder slab is the highest in quartz stone technology and is relatively complex. There is a bright and honed surface, bright surface is the traditional, other quartz stone commonly used in the water grinding polishing process, after high-pressuring, high-speed grinding, bright as a mirror. The honed surface is more complex and expensive.

Quartz stone slab type, and price comparison.插图1
The powder slab production process is more complex than the coarse and fine particles of the slab, to grind quartz sand into a very fine powder and then manufacture and press, ground into powder but also remove iron filings because the hammer will produce iron filings mixed with quartz powder in the process of grinding. After that, we also need to process the pattern for this powder slab, which is to spread the design pattern in advance and then suppress it. (So, we will often see a lot of quartz stone with natural marble patterns)
Because the particles of powder slabs are too fine, the wear resistance of powder slabs will be worse than that of the coarse grain slabs., To sum up, the cheapest most durable is coarse grain slabs, cost performance is the highest fine-grain slabs, most expensive also most good-looking is powdery slabs, but wear resistance is inferior to the other two kinds. But still, compared to marble and granite, quartz stone is now the best choice for commercial or residential applications.