Nowadays Countertop is more and more important in the kitchen, we cut vegetables, and place food on the countertop surface, which is entwined with our daily health life, so the quality of the countertop certainly needs to be good and safe.

The countertop material is numerous, and many people do not know how to choose, so I will introduce stainless steel and quartz countertop to everyone today.

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Above all, we should understand the advantage and disadvantages of stainless-steel countertops first. The stainless-steel countertop is metallic silver, metal is a widely used element, and can match any color cabinets. It exudes an exciting texture, a demure beauty, and a transcendent metallic charm.

Compared stainless steel countertops to other materials, stainless steel has green environmental protection, no radiation, air luxurious, waterproof, easy to clean, heat-resisting wear-resisting, without cracking, durable, and bright from beginning to end such as new many advantages.

The stainless-steel countertop is bright and clean, and the performance is good. It is generally in the high-density fire board surface and then adds a layer of stainless steel plate.

In addition, the stainless-steel countertop should avoid being scratched by sharp tools, wipe its surface at ordinary times must pay special attention.

Secondly, we will understand the advantages and disadvantages of the quartz countertop. Quartz countertop has high hardness, hardness is second only to diamond in nature; Quartz stone has high-temperature resistance, a melting point of more than 1300°.

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High purity quartz stone (93%) is completely flame retardant; Quartz stone is manufactured under vacuum conditions, with dense non-porous composite materials.

So, its surface has excellent corrosion resistance and acid and alkali resistance; In addition, quartz stone has the advantages of impact resistance and easy cleaning.

And in this attention home green environmental protection era, quartz countertop does not contain radioactive elements that harm the human body, so loved by a lot of families. But the main disadvantage of quartz stone is the higher price.

The conclusion is with any choice you choose stainless-steel countertop good or quartz countertop good? That depends on your budget and requirements.