Quartz stone has become the new favorite decorative stone, and its advantages are obvious to all of us, About the history of quartz stone — quartz stone was born in Italy in 1984.

4030 Stone Grey Quartz Surfaces

4030 Stone Grey Quartz Stone Countertops for kitchens.

With the technology of quartz manufacturers, the global spread has become a new trend. As of 2007, there are 28 quartz stone production lines in 14 countries and regions around the world. The global quartz stone market reached the annual market size of $3 billion from tens of thousands of dollars in 1984. This is a process of rapid development; the speed of development is becoming more rapid because of the activation of the Chinese quartz stone market.

4030 Stone Grey Quartz Stone

4030 Stone Grey Quartz Stone Surfaces.

Initially, quartz stone is only applied to the surface of the kitchen countertop, furniture table, and laboratory operating table. As the economy grows and the market matures, more areas began to be applied to the ground, and walls, furniture, and other fields began to use quartz stone. For example, in a variety of large hotels, luxury residences, and landmark buildings, quartz stone is gradually becoming the replacement for natural stone products. And the use of quartz stone customers is also changing, from traditional wholesalers to real estate development companies, and then to architectural decoration companies, more and more people join the quartz stone consumption trend.

3141 Eggshell Quartz Surfaces

3141 Eggshell Quartz Stone Vanity tops for bathrooms.

It’s no accident that quartz stone has been so successful, the advantages and characteristics of quartz stone are obvious to all, and the price of quartz stone is acceptable to all. After learning about the history of quartz stone, whether you are more interested in quartz stone, or have more questions about quartz stone, you can check out our website kingsquartz.com.