1. Waxing

Advantages: the method of waxing and fixing color is simple and easy and can also increase the gloss of stone.


(1) the fixation effect is not good. The color can be wiped out with cloth or paper, and the fixation is not durable.

(2) stone waxing is also harmful to the stone itself because the solid wax contains discoloration groups, which will change color under the action of ultraviolet rays, often deepening the color, affecting the appearance of light-colored stones, and the wax will absorb other dirt to form composite dirt, which is difficult to remove by conventional methods.

(3) stone waxing will increase the surface smoothness and increase the risk of pedestrians slipping.

⑷ the influence of pigments and dyes on the human body and the environment is very complex. The stone owners who are easy to lose color better use them with caution.

Three methods to prevent the artificial stone from fading插图

  1. Coating

Methods: there are two methods of coating. One is to coat and seal after dyeing; The other is to form a film on the stone surface after mixing the pigment and resin.

Advantages: good fixation effect, and it is not easy to decolor when wiped with water; It can increase the gloss of stone.


⑴ the hardness of the resin itself is low and it is not wear-resistant, and the surface is easy to be scratched which affects the appearance.

⑵ the resin itself is easy to change color, even uneven.

⑶ the resin will age and fall off. It is difficult to remove the resin that pollutes the stone.

(4) blocking the stone with resin will affect the “breathing” of the stone and may cause some diseases to the stone.

Three methods to prevent the artificial stone from fading插图1

  1. The solid color of crystal glaze

Methods: After the stone is dyed, the residual pigment on the surface is wiped off, and the crystal glaze is added and polished.


⑴ the crystal glaze has high hardness and a good wear-resistant effect. After treatment, it is an ideal mirror, with a crystal-like transparent effect and no visible throwing marks. It has the visual effect of natural stone and high-grade stone in appearance.

(2) good color fixing effect, no color loss after wiping with force; The crystal glaze itself does not change color and contains ultraviolet absorber, which plays a role in color preservation and can prolong the color development time of dyed stones.

(3) good brightening effect and the gloss reading can reach 90 ~ 100.

⑷ the treated stone crystal surface has anti-skid and anti-fouling effects, which increases the additional function of the stone.

(5) pure water-based products, non-toxic and environmental protection.

Disadvantages: high cost.

Three methods to prevent the artificial stone from fading插图2