Stone has long been used as a building material due to its durability and versatility. Though, due to modern improvements in technology the quality of artificial stone now rivals that of natural stone. Artificial quartz stone can be said to be the perfect combination of science, technology, and nature while having the elegant appearance of natural stone. Unlike natural stone, quartz stone can be designed in a variety of colors and patterns. With no microporous structure and stain resistance, as a new type of green building material, it can effectively restrain the over-exploitation of natural stone, and play a great role in promoting the development of a circular economy and low carbon economy.

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Quartz stone is a new type of environmental protection composite material.  Using natural quartz stone particles, powder and unsaturated polyester resin, and filler and pigment mixture.  Under the action of a small amount of initiator, the quartz stone manufacturers use special production equipment for die casting, and surface treatment processing and the whole process is complete. Therefore, in addition to the selection and ratio of raw materials, the selection of production and processing equipment is the key factor in determining the quality of the quartz slabs.

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Quartz stone is mainly filled with quartz sand, titanium dioxide, toner, auxiliary materials for unsaturated resin, curing agent, and accelerator. quartz sand contains more than 90% of the filling. The influence of production equipment on quality is also very important. The vacuum value before pressing should reach -99 or more to avoid bubbles in the slabs. The pressing pressure should not be less than 50 tons so that the density of the slab can reach the required value of 2.6g/m3, and the water absorption of the finished slab should not exceed 0.02%.