Quartz stone countertop is one of the preferred materials for kitchen countertop, and its appearance and performance are better than other materials. But there is also a fatal problem in quartz countertops: cracking. The wrong use, it is easy to cause cracking, and then scares people. So, what is the reason for quartz countertop cracking? Here’s the answer.

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What is the reason for quartz mesa cracking?

  1. Material fraud

The first point is needed to explain that high purity quartz stone is not gratuitous cracking. So, the first reason for the cracking problem is that the raw quartz used is not pure. Even using inferior quartz, so cannot reflect the quartz stone’s physical characteristics, Therefore, it is very easy to crack when subjected to some pressure or other physical factors during subsequent use. So, when we choose a quartz stone countertop, we must choose high-quality quartz stone with relatively high purity as our kitchen countertop, do not choose some inferior quartz stone because of cheap, otherwise, it is very troublesome for late continuous use.

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2, production problems

The second reason for the cracking problem is the unqualified production process of the slabs. Generally speaking, need forging quartz stone in production, and there are some manufacturers whose lack of standardization lead to forging equipment pressure is not enough, so the strength of the final quartz stone slabs is very poor. In the experience of some pressure or other factors, it will be very easy to crack the countertop in daily use. So, given this point, it is suggested that when we choose quartz stone, we should choose a trustworthy brand manufacturer, with a large business cooperation history of manufacturers.