Material of the mainstream product of kitchen table on market now is stone material, ligneous, metal. Stone is divided into artificial stone and natural stone,

Artificial quartz stone is the best choice for the kitchen countertop.

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Authoritative experts show that: at present, 80% of the kitchens on the global market are quartz stone, which is not generally high-cost performance, this quartz stone is a kind of artificial stone, quartz stone is so favored for these reasons:

1. It is characterized by having the appearance of natural stone, and even by matching, it can produce more texture and color than natural stone and because it is clean and safe antibacterial, it can be in direct contact with food.

2. It also has the physical properties of natural stone, more corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, oil resistance, in short, is stronger and more durable.

Oh, and here’s the thing. No special maintenance is required! No special maintenance is required! No special maintenance is required!

Speaking of here, certainly, some people will say, impossible, artificial stone is not imitation stone … Why don’t you just use a natural stone? It’s economical and it looks good.

But let’s be honest, not all of nature is the best. Natural stone is not suitable for domestic countertops.

What is the best stone for the countertop?插图1

Natural stone is poor toughness, easy to fracture, broken. Low density, loose material, easy to seep…

But everything has two sides, even artificial stone, it cannot be too capricious existence. Take hardness, not as good as natural stone, still some pace for artificial stone to improve. But if there’s a scratch, it’s easy to fix.

Therefore, in the artificial stone market is more mature now, the choice of regular brand manufacturers to avoid worries. In short, home decoration can save, but cannot be cheap.