How to repair the yellow quartz countertop?

Can you use steel wool to clean the quartz countertop?

Quartz stone countertop is a relatively high-grade material, compared with other stones is the best cost performance of the service life, so many owners choose quartz stone kitchen countertop in their homes. But quartz countertops can have a yellow phenomenon after using a period. So, what is the reason for the quartz stone countertop becoming yellow? how to do with the yellow phenomenon? Let’s look at the relevant introduction.

The reasons why the quartz countertop is yellow?

generally, have two kinds of reasons that cause the White quartz stone countertop to become yellow. one is because there are quality problems with the raw materials, and one is due to the late formation, because of improper use and maintenance, white quartz stone is affected by the environment. how to do with yellowed quartz countertop?

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1, You can clean it with a sponge and a neutral cleaner, if you want to disinfect, a dilute bleach agent can be used (mixed with water 1:3 or 1:4) or other disinfectants to wipe the surface, then use a towel to wipe water stains.

2, because the water contains scale, strong oxidant (chloride ions), water on the kitchen countertop for a long time will produce difficult to remove yellow stains, so dry with a dryer, a few hours or a few days later, yellow stains will slowly disappear.

  1. It can be wiped with neutral detergent, or gel-like toothpaste or moistened with edible oil and dry cloth to remove the surface lightly.

4, Quartz stone surface has excellent corrosion resistance to kitchen acid and alkali, Liquid substances for daily use do not penetrate the interior, if liquids are placed on the surface for a long time, can only use a cloth to wipe with water or soapy water, if necessary, use a blade to scrape the residue from surface.

5, A lot of people have some misunderstandings about how to clean up thick stains. Most people will use strong detergent, and will also use steel wool to wipe, this cleaning operation is wrong. Although quartz stone is very hard ordinary iron cannot cause damage to its surface. But using steel wool to rub it back and forth is different, will cause scratches on the surface.

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6, For the surface, has yellow, and discolored, cannot use steel wool for cleaning, can use 4B rubber to wipe. For more serious discoloration can use dilute sodium water, paint to wipe, and wipe with soapy water to clean and dry again.

I hope the above introduction can solve your home’s yellowed quartz countertop, if you have encountered the same trouble, might as well try the above-mentioned methods, remember steel wool cleaning is not recommended.