The hardness of quartz stone is much higher than ordinary artificial stone and natural stone, not easy to penetrate, there are many patterns, and the color is very rich. At present, quartz stone has become the first choice for kitchen countertops.

Everybody knows the countertop has a front and back block water bar, we will talk about the arc shape back weather bar.

What is the role of the weather bar of the quartz countertop?插图

First, we must understand what the water bar is, and what role it has.

Quartz countertops processing production will include the front water bar, back weather bar, and countertop. The one against the wall is called the rear baffle, and the one on the outside is called the front baffle. The design of the front water bar is mainly to prevent the water on the kitchen countertop from flowing to the wooden cabinet below, causing mildew, followed by the front water bar can be processed into a variety of edges.

What is the role of the weather bar of the quartz countertop?插图1

back block water bar, it can fill the gap between cabinet and wall especially latex paint wall, one side of the wall plus block water bar is very necessary, can effectively prevent splashing, avoid wall damp mildew. If glass glue is used to fill the gap, the gap will be dirty for a long time, and the dirt will be hidden. So, the best choice is to make it into an integrated arc backwater bar, and the transition will be perfect. The most important is practical, easy to clean up later, and will not remain dirt.

back block water bar’s craft to a circular arc is very necessary, but every meter can tower above processing cost because this kind of craft has technical content and artistic quality especially.