As the quality of life rises, everybody has higher requirements for kitchen countertops. In recent years, the countertops have been updated over the years, with all kinds of functions, materials, and models, so consumers are dizzy with choices, leading to many consumers beginning to tangle with which stone countertops are the most durable.

To answer the question of the most durable countertop that is absolutely quartz!

Quartz stone countertop is a kind of artificial stone, it is quartz and resin bonding. The advantage of artificial quartz stone is that its hardness is very high, even if you hack bones or chop food on the surface it won’t cause crevices. Also, acid and alkali oil resistance. If there’s one type of countertop that lasts the most, it’s artificial quartz. It can be said that an artificial quartz stone table is by far the most cost-effective and durable kitchen countertop, which is now a lot of customers choose quartz stone as countertops and building structure decoration.

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Kings Quartz is a leading manufacturer of quartz stone countertops with a wide range of colors, textures, and performance to meet the needs of different customers.

The thickness of the general should be at least 15mm, otherwise it is easy to crack when cutting forcibly. Kings Quartz is the first to upgrade all countertops to 20MM thick, using high-quality quartz with a 94% quartz content, Mohs hardness of 7, abrasion resistance, and impact resistance, which is effective against sharp objects.

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Kings’ Quartz countertops are cast under vacuum conditions to provide an infinitely close to zero void structure, high density, and impermeable. Coffee, oil, sauces, and other acid and alkali substances are not easy to penetrate.

King’s quartz countertops are not afraid of dirt, so the kitchen can stay clean and fresh for many years! Choose 20mm thickness of anti-fouling quartz stone countertop, wear resistance, pollution resistance is excellent, gently wipe dirty immediately remove. Food-grade kitchen countertops are safe and reliable.

In short, if you want a cost-effective, and durable kitchen countertop, then we recommend artificial quartz countertops as the first choice.