◎ Control of raw materials
Quartz stone is synthesized by quartz sand and unsaturated resin as the main raw materials. With the continuous improvement of quartz stone, quartz sand and resin classification are also more refined, and the price of raw materials is starting a certain difference, so the quality of raw materials has a certain impact on the quality of the slab.

The quality of raw materials is different. The main material quartz sand powder is divided into four grades: A, B, C, and D. The price of different grades is also very different.

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◎ Production equipment
Quartz slabs for production equipment requirements are more strict, the most important is the press.

The pressure of the quartz slab production press should reach more than 50 tonnages, the vacuum density should reach more than -95kpa, and the density of the slab produced should reach more than 2.3g/cm³.
In addition, quartz stone slabs must have a certain bending ability, bending strength can’t be less than 40mpa, so the slab has a certain resistance to cracking.

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