How to prevent quartz countertop from cracking?

Because the hardness and dissolution point of quartz stone is very high. so, does the quartz countertop crack? Unfortunately, it will! Because quartz stone belongs to brittle polymer composite material and has the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction, there is certain shrinkage stress, impact toughness, elongation at break, and other mechanical properties. Cracking occurs when the material cannot withstand the internal stress caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction and is subjected to severe external impact. Winter is the reason cause quartz countertop cracking; temperature difference is the most common cause of cracking of quartz countertop.

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Quartz stone is composed of more than 90% quartz and about 6% of the resin and other trace elements by artificial synthesis. Quartz slab must be through vacuum high pressure high vibration. Vacuuming must reach the requirements of -0.098mpa or more, otherwise, there will be a large number of pores, the higher the tonnage of the production press, the higher the density of the slab, and the better the quality of the slab. Quartz density must reach 2.65 per cubic centimeter to qualify. Quartz stone needs high-temperature curing because quartz stone plate in production will add curing agent, need high-temperature curing volatilization, natural curing will easily lead to crack.

How to prevent quartz countertop from cracking?

1, The cracking possibility of the quartz countertop is relatively low, but like everything else in this world, there are also good and bad quality quartz slabs for the customers to choose from, if you buy cheap unqualified quartz stone, or some use of casting production processed quartz stone, there will be a great chance of cracking, because the cheap casting process and die casting process cannot be compared.Will the quartz countertop crack?插图1

2, Choose regular professional quartz stone manufacturers. And consider the factors of installation, if the kitchen countertop needs trepanning, it is best not to trepan on-site. Generally, the use of a hand-held cutting machine on-site is easy to cause edge collapse or small cracks, such a short time cannot give perfect trepanning.

3, the flatness of the cabinet countertop should be adjusted before the installation, and it should be adjusted again after a period to avoid the deformation of the countertop body leading to a crack.