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  • This gentle cream artificial quartz stone will make your interior space more soft, neutral tone has always been the perfect Master of Interior color adjustment, easy to make the whole space harmonious.
  • The neutral tone, pure light beige, without any texture embellishment. Elegant and quiet, low key. But it's not boring at all. Especially suitable for the minimalist style, the log style, will be the perfect match.
  • Cold beige background with subtle veins, neutral and gentle. Polished surface bright and glazing. can be easily matched with any type of decoration style. Low maintenance, easy to clean, timeless.
  • Cold beige tone, elegant image, comfortable visual effect, whether traditional style or modern style, this artificial quartz stone can be easily matched. Keep its own character while not dominating the space. Polished finish, low maintenance, no sealing required, easy to clean, suitable for all building interior and exterior finishes.


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