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  • Black Marquina Quartz Stone Vanity Top缩略图
    Black Marquina Stone Bathroom Vanity tops was produced by Kings Quartz for project of hotel. It is charactered of black background color with large white Catacatta Vein through body give this vanity tops a stunning looking and lasting impression.
  • "black background, match with lifelike fissured image. Very advanced combination. Contain 94% of quartz, polished surface, hardness, and durability. Antibacterial, meets the hygiene and safety standards of NSF, Green guard, ISO 14001:2015, etc.
  • This artificial quartz stone is a very visual impact, bright, and impressive. The contrast of black and white collision is bold and artistic. Polished surface, bright and smooth, advanced touch.
  • This artificial quartz stone has a messy artistic beauty. Black and white contrast collocation, avant-garde, and innovation. Very impressive. Polished surface, smooth and bright. No need for sealing, no need for maintenance, easy cleaning.
  • The charcoal background and the white art texture form a strong contrast of beauty, texture like a net spread out, very creative. Polished surface, delicate and beautiful.
  • The depth of the dark grey background and the silky veins are very subtle, and the combination of the two is very harmonious. The polished surface, and advanced touch, make you feel worth it.
  • Bold dramatic white pattern, wild charm on charcoal black background. Polished surface. This artificial quartz stone will amaze you. Very interesting. No maintenance, no sealing, easy cleaning.
  • The obsidian background is decorated with lightning-like veins and polished surfaces, making it a very attractive artificial quartz stone. And do not need to seal, do not need to maintain, easy to clean.
  • The main tone of charcoal black and the messy white veins are cleverly matched, very harmonious, polished surface. Our designers always give you a different surprise. This artificial quartz stone is very creative. different.
  • Carbon black background and beige veins, innovative combination, very depth, polished surface, can easily create a stylish and high-end atmosphere, impressive.
  • Obsidian background and white veins form a strong contrast effect, this artificial quartz stone is undoubtedly bold and innovative. Can create avant-garde fashion space. Perfect for kitchen islands and premium locations including accent walls, backsplash, shower surrounds, and much more, it is sure to amaze you.
  • Classic black artificial quartz stone, combined with white veins, stylish, and timeless, fits any style and is ideal for busy kitchen countertops. Including accent walls, backsplashes, around the shower, the fireplace, floors, and much more, we offer professional customization.


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