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  • The silver-gray background and the beautiful and artistic patterns are so fashionable and outstanding. Very impressive. Polished surface. Bright and smooth. This artificial quartz stone that can reflect taste and value.
  • Moon grey background, polished surface. Simple and stylish. And very avant-garde. You can easily create a depth atmosphere. No need for sealing, no need for maintenance, easy cleaning.
  • The silver-grey background always creates an advanced atmosphere. The polished surface is very bright and smooth as if touching natural marble. No need for sealing, no need for maintenance, easy cleaning.
  • This artificial quartz stone in space grey tone is paired with wild veins. It's one of our proudest designs. Unique. Polished surface, exquisite luxury. Can easily break into the high-end space. Recommended for any building wall, floor, countertop, etc.
  • The artificial quartz stone of this dreamlike gray tone is very characteristic, polished surface, gray, silver, and white, three cool colors perfectly overlapped together, very artistic. Our designers are creative. Suitable for indoor or outdoor, commercial or residential, will bring a different fashion atmosphere.
  • Morning fog gray tone, polished surface, very smooth, very deep and stylish, no maintenance, no sealing, just water cleaning. Recommended for use in public buildings, such as hotels, cafes, office buildings, banks, restaurants, shops, and so on. Includes interior finishes of the home
  • This artificial quartz stone ink gray background, polished surface, very artistic conception, professional aesthetic design, very advanced. Ideal for busy kitchen countertops. No maintenance, no sealing, easy cleaning.
  • This artificial quartz stone is very dreamy, using an ingenious combination of gray and ivory to create a natural texture. The whole is very harmonious, and the visual effect is gentle and soothing.
  • A simple combination of gray and gray veins, low-key, not fussy, gentle, and comfortable. Ideal for both traditional and modern styles, the polished surface and advanced touch are smooth and bright, suitable for commercial, public buildings, and residential applications.
  • With the low-key gray artificial quartz, the visual effect is very soft, not boring. And there is a natural marble-like touch, some high-end buildings often choose this kind of gray to create a unique and senior interior decoration effect, which can reflect the taste of an enterprise.
  • This  "dream" artificial quartz stone, a very depth, gray background, and black veins embellished with a little white, as deep in the black fairy tale dream. Very artistic design. It's a lot of design choices.
  • Very depth sense of grey background combined with subtle black veins. Give a deep impression, recommended for residential countertops, walls, floors, even fireplaces surround, etc., can also be used in commercial buildings.
  • This artificial quartz stone background texture level and color are very clear, light gray and dark gray collocation, harmonious, and Suitable for modern avant-garde decoration style.
  • This is a very interesting artificial quartz stone, with different shades of grey as the background, and a texture in dark grey with black spots, can be complex, can be simple, it is a wonderful combination, recommended for commercial real estate or residential design inside and outside.
  • Beige grey background and subtle veining, this artificial quartz stone is very rustic and retro. Have natural marble-like touch. The neutral tone, advanced and classic, whether applied in traditional style or modern style are very appropriate.
  • Advanced grey background and clever white texture, dotted with black veins, the whole is very harmonious, attracting attention. The image of the artificial quartz stone is simple but not drab, easy on the eyes.


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