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Avada Classic Shop
  • Cream background, black veins. After more than 30 exquisite professional processing technology, have natural marble-like touches. advanced, fashionable. Suitable for buildings with high stone requirements. It's a choice to show your taste.We customize 2 centimeters and 3 centimeters thicknesses, standard and professional.
  • Classic fashion combination of cream background and light brown veining. polished surface, is chosen by many consumers. This is a timeless classic artificial quartz stone, whether you are a traditional style, modern style, or any kind of unique and innovative style, this artificial quartz stone can be easily matched
  • Calacatta White Quartz Stone Kitchen Tops缩略图
    Calcatta White Quartz Stone Kitchen tops was produce by our company use the material of KS1811 Quartz stone color according to the shop  drawing from our customer. 
  • A classic combination of beige background and grey veins. Simple, rustic. Neutral style, low-key depth. Can create a gentle visual effect. No need for maintenance, no need for sealing, easy to clean, long service life. Recommended for use on walls, floors, or countertops inside and outside any commercial building or residence.
  • Carrara Wave Quartz Stone Countertop缩略图
    Carrara Wave Quartz Stone Countertop is custom quartz stone countertops for multi family project in United States, it is inspired by the natural marble of Carrara White from Italy. It is charactered of white background color with rich of random grey veins.
  • Light apricot tone brings a soft and comfortable visual experience, polished surface, bright and smooth. Whether your existing design style is traditional or modern, this artificial quartz stone can effortlessly blend in, and retain its own characteristics while not dominating the overall space.
  • Grey filamentous veins running smoothly on an ivory background add a lot of interest to this artificial quartz stone. Elegant, gentle. It is the ideal choice to create a fashionable space.


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