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    Avenue White Quartz Stone Countertop is custom quartz stone countertops for multi family project in United States, it is charactered of white background color with small black Calacatta veining, so it is one type of Calacatta Quartz Stone.
  • Snowy white background, grey texture, stylish and classic. Widely used in kitchen countertops, easily blend in any type of style. We customize 2 centimeters and 3 centimeters thicknesses, standard and professional.
  • The ivory white background,mimics the texture of the cracking effect, which is very vivid and artistic. This artificial quartz stone is also very classic and can be easily paired with any style. Whether applied on the floor, wall, or countertop will be the ideal choice.
  • This artificial quartz stone has a creamy white background, matched with a gray texture, and has the look and feel of natural marble, but the quality goes beyond marble, Create perfect kitchen islands, accent walls, vanity tops, backsplashes, and more for both commercial and residential applications.
  • With a bright white background and a gray crackle effect texture, it's bold and dramatic, It has a natural marble-like touch and surpasses the quality of marble. A perfect combination.
  • Classic Calacatta white artificial quartz stone, with gray texture clever natural combination, never out of date, easy collocation of any style, while retaining their characteristics won't be overwhelming.
  • Meet our unique star product, this artificial quartz stone texture gives a mysterious feeling and creativity. Can create ideal accent walls, kitchen waterfalls, floors, shower walls, and more.
  • This artificial quartz stone uses a snowy background and wild texture collocation, like a spectacular snowstorm. Innovation, fashion. Suitable for any style. Recommended for interior and exterior design of commercial buildings and residences.
  • Briar veins stretch freely on the ivory background, this artificial quartz image is undeniably dramatic, bold, and creative. Perfect for countertops. Including accent walls, around showers, and so on. we customize 2 centimeters and 3 centimeters thicknesses, standard and professional.
  • Soft creamy white background, light grey veins, delicate and elegant. Advanced taste, whether traditional style or modern style can be easily matched. Recommended for kitchen islands, backsplashes, around showers, floors, etc. suitable for commercial buildings or residential decors.
  • A combination of classic bold textures and a Calacatta white background. Stylish, dramatic, and innovative, this artificial quartz stone is the perfect choice for kitchen islands. No sealing, no maintenance is required, easy to clean.


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