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  • A gold tone with black veins contrasts and interweaves together, very harmonious, polished surface making this artificial quartz look even more gorgeous. Bright and silky. It’s very characteristic but won’t dominate the style in any space, gorgeous but low-key
  • Chantilly Yellow Quartz Slabs缩略图
    Neutral beige is the main tone, with light brown and black veins, a visually comforting atmosphere. polished surface. can customize to 2 centimeters or 3 centimeters thickness. Low water absorption (0.01%).
  • This gold background artificial quartz stone is busy and rich. It’s gorgeous image makes it eye-catching. Amazing. Using this artificial quartz stone to decorate any space will bring a magnificent effect, that people yearn for. Recommended for exterior, commercial, and residential applications.
  • The gentle combination of two warm beige colors, regular texture, and a rich sense of layers. A neutral warm tone gives a person a very comfortable visual perception. And very easy to match any design style. Have the touch of natural marble. Elegant and sophisticated. Can be widely used in all buildings.


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