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  • This artificial quartz stone with silver-gray background is a combination of modern and traditional styles, dramatic texture, and delicate veins interweave overlapping, breaking through the drab image, innovative.
  • Cream background, black veins. After more than 30 exquisite professional processing technology, have natural marble-like touches. advanced, fashionable. Suitable for buildings with high stone requirements. It's a choice to show your taste.We customize 2 centimeters and 3 centimeters thicknesses, standard and professional.
  • A simple combination of gray and gray veins, low-key, not fussy, gentle, and comfortable. Ideal for both traditional and modern styles, the polished surface and advanced touch are smooth and bright, suitable for commercial, public buildings, and residential applications.
  • "black background, match with lifelike fissured image. Very advanced combination. Contain 94% of quartz, polished surface, hardness, and durability. Antibacterial, meets the hygiene and safety standards of NSF, Green guard, ISO 14001:2015, etc.
  • This artificial quartz stone with purple and black background is unique, dramatic Snowy White texture highlights the artistic beauty of contrast. Unprecedented avant-garde feeling. If you like bold style, you must not miss this personalized artificial quartz stone.
  • Classic fashion combination of cream background and light brown veining. polished surface, is chosen by many consumers. This is a timeless classic artificial quartz stone, whether you are a traditional style, modern style, or any kind of unique and innovative style, this artificial quartz stone can be easily matched
  • Ice cream white background, and black veins form a strong contrast, and artistic collision, the visual effect is amazing. It has a natural marble-like touch irresistible.
  • High-end ivory background combined with a bold grey pattern. Polished surface. Classic and fashionable, many consumers love it. This artificial quartz stone always creates a stylish and elegant atmosphere.
  • The Black and white background, always so beautiful, contrast collision out of the artistic sense. Fashion innovation is amazing. Polished surface, advanced touch.
  • This dreamy blue tone of artificial quartz stone will definitely refresh your aesthetic, with black texture, forming a beautiful contrast. Yes, when white dominates the whole stone aesthetic image, this dreamy blue artificial quartz is especially for consumers that looking for something unique.
  • A timeless classic with bold textures and Carrara white background, polished, stylish, elegant, and beautiful for any design style, this artificial quartz stone is basically the first choice for many consumers. Suitable for any design style.
  • This artificial quartz stone perfectly recreates the appearance of Italy calacatta white marble. The classic combination of white background and grey texture will be impressive in any space.
  • Snowy White background and foam-like texture, unique design sense, fashion, and classic. A polished surface can reveal its glamour adequately more below sunshine. Easy to clean, no need to seal, no need to maintain, and can be used for life. Recommended for indoor and outdoor residential decoration.
  • The silver-gray background and the beautiful and artistic patterns are so fashionable and outstanding. Very impressive. Polished surface. Bright and smooth. This artificial quartz stone that can reflect taste and value.
  • This artificial quartz stone is a very visual impact, bright, and impressive. The contrast of black and white collision is bold and artistic. Polished surface, bright and smooth, advanced touch.
  • Polished Silvery white background, surface. Subtle black veins. Delicate and elegant fits all kinds of design styles. This artificial quartz stone can be effortlessly matched, retain its own characteristics, and will not dominate the whole space.


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