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  • Maple red and smoky gray, retro and gorgeous, this artificial quartz stone jumps out of the traditional concept of black and white, to create a new fashion aesthetic.
  • The artificial quartz stone of this dreamlike gray tone is very characteristic, polished surface, gray, silver, and white, three cool colors perfectly overlapped together, very artistic. Our designers are creative. Suitable for indoor or outdoor, commercial or residential, will bring a different fashion atmosphere.
  • Silvery white background, polished surface. Fashion and elegant Whether it is a traditional design style or modern design style. This artificial quartz stone can be effortlessly matched, retain its own characteristics, and will not dominate the whole space.
  • Smoky gray background, very distinctive. The polished surface makes this artificial quartz stone look very advanced texture, like touching natural marble. No maintenance, no sealing, easy cleaning. It is widely used in commercial and public places, or in interior and exterior decoration of residential buildings.
  • The main tone of rust. Overlap with blue gray, very artistic conception. Polished surface, very smooth and bright. Like the touch of natural marble. Recommended for interior and exterior decoration of commercial and residential applications.
  • This artificial quartz stone ink gray background, polished surface, very artistic conception, professional aesthetic design, very advanced. Ideal for busy kitchen countertops. No maintenance, no sealing, easy cleaning.
  • Silver-gray background, polished surface, pure and flawless, comfortable visual effect, let the dim space instantly bright. Low maintenance, easy to clean, and no sealing required.
  • A combination of silver-gray and smoke, this artificial quartz stone has a dreamlike atmosphere and low-key fashionable. It is favored by some consumers with unique tastes.
  • Smoky ash tone, very artistic conception, and depth. It's like a fog. This is a very designed and exquisite artificial quartz stone with a polished surface, and bright silky, natural marble-like touch. Recommended for use on busy kitchen countertops, and backsplashes, including around showers.
  • Starlight silver background, dazzling, polished surface, bright and smooth. It's like touching natural marble. Amazing. Suitable for minimalist decoration style, if applied in commercial places, will make the whole space increase the high-grade atmosphere, and reflect the commercial value.
  • Silky gray background, overlapping layers together, very artistic conception, depth. Feel comfortable. Polished surface, smooth texture, like touching natural marble.
  • Moon grey background, polished surface. Simple and stylish. And very avant-garde. You can easily create a depth atmosphere. No need for sealing, no need for maintenance, easy cleaning.
  • Morning fog gray tone, polished surface, very smooth, very deep and stylish, no maintenance, no sealing, just water cleaning. Recommended for use in public buildings, such as hotels, cafes, office buildings, banks, restaurants, shops, and so on. Includes interior finishes of the home


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