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  • Soft creamy white background, light grey veins, delicate and elegant. Advanced taste, whether traditional style or modern style can be easily matched. Recommended for kitchen islands, backsplashes, around showers, floors, etc. suitable for commercial buildings or residential decors.
  • Carrara’s white background and gold pattern are timeless classics. This artificial quartz stone is also polished, bright, and smooth, with a natural marble-like touch. And do not need to seal, do not need to maintain, easy to clean.
  • Silver Grey Quartz Stone缩略图
    Silver grey with subtle veins, ideal for kitchen countertops, and backsplashes, around the shower. Inside or outside of any constructor buildings. We produce artificial quartz that lasts bright surfaces, stain resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and green guard.
  • The artificial quartz stone of this dreamlike gray tone is very characteristic, polished surface, gray, silver, and white, three cool colors perfectly overlapped together, very artistic. Our designers are creative. Suitable for indoor or outdoor, commercial or residential, will bring a different fashion atmosphere.
  • Inspired by PANDA, black and white image, wild fashion, and very bold design. It's artistic. Polished surface, smooth and bright. Luxurious touch. No need for sealing, no need for maintenance, easy cleaning.
  • Silvery white background, polished surface. Fashion and elegant Whether it is a traditional design style or modern design style. This artificial quartz stone can be effortlessly matched, retain its own characteristics, and will not dominate the whole space.
  • The obsidian background is decorated with lightning-like veins and polished surfaces, making it a very attractive artificial quartz stone. And do not need to seal, do not need to maintain, easy to clean.
  • Classic striped artificial quartz stone, ivory white background, gray stripes, and black filamentous veins 3 elements interwoven together. This unique artificial quartz stone can be widely used in public buildings such as hospitals, cafes, banks, schools, laboratories, and more.
  • This artificial quartz stone ink gray background, polished surface, very artistic conception, professional aesthetic design, very advanced. Ideal for busy kitchen countertops. No maintenance, no sealing, easy cleaning.
  • The neutral tone, pure light beige, without any texture embellishment. Elegant and quiet, low key. But it's not boring at all. Especially suitable for the minimalist style, the log style, will be the perfect match.
  • The golden veins extend freely on the Carrara white background giving a glorious image of riches and honor. Polished surface, bright and smooth, as if touching natural marble. Perfect for kitchen waterfalls.
  • Moon grey background, polished surface. Simple and stylish. And very avant-garde. You can easily create a depth atmosphere. No need for sealing, no need for maintenance, easy cleaning.
  • This gentle cream artificial quartz stone will make your interior space more soft, neutral tone has always been the perfect Master of Interior color adjustment, easy to make the whole space harmonious.
  • The beige grey background is very unique, a combination of cool and neutral tones, with subtle white veins, this artificial quartz stone is our star product, and will be ideal for use on busy kitchen countertops.
  • Morning fog gray tone, polished surface, very smooth, very deep and stylish, no maintenance, no sealing, just water cleaning. Recommended for use in public buildings, such as hotels, cafes, office buildings, banks, restaurants, shops, and so on. Includes interior finishes of the home
  • The cream always gives a comfortable impression, this creamy white background of artificial quartz embellished with subtle gray veins is not eye-catching, and the visual effect is gentle and soothing.
  • A classic combination of beige background and grey veins. Simple, rustic. Neutral style, low-key depth. Can create a gentle visual effect. No need for maintenance, no need for sealing, easy to clean, long service life. Recommended for use on walls, floors, or countertops inside and outside any commercial building or residence.
  • Classic Carrara white and light brown texture. Fashion is simple, elegant, and bold. The combination of all the beautiful elements. Suitable for traditional or modern design styles. No need for sealing, no need for maintenance, easy cleaning.
  • An elegant combination of antique white and grey patterns. A gentle and comfortable, the polished surface can easily create a stylish and elegant atmosphere. No maintenance, no sealing.
  • Antique white background, and subtle gray pattern. The polished backgrounds complement each other. This artificial quartz stone is quiet and friendly and can be used with any style without pressure.
  • Alpine white with wild texture, interesting cool feeling. Polished surface, smooth and bright. It's like touching natural marble. It's very textured. No need to maintain, no need to seal, easy to clean, only need water to remove stains.
  • Bold dramatic white pattern, wild charm on charcoal black background. Polished surface. This artificial quartz stone will amaze you. Very interesting. No maintenance, no sealing, easy cleaning.
  • A bold grey pattern with a white background. Complement each other. Polished surface. Superior and silky smooth. No maintenance, no sealing, easy cleaning. Can be widely used in commercial and residential countertops, floors, and walls. Including public landscaping is also ideal.
  • Very bold texture, Carrara white background, always classic and fashionable, is the favorite of many consumers. Polished, easy to clean, no need to seal, no need to maintain, this artificial quartz stone always creates a classic kitchen countertop.
  • Creamy white background with gorgeous patterns, this artificial quartz is absolutely luxurious. The polished surface, bright and smooth, feels like touching the natural marble. Doesn’t require maintenance, doesn’t require sealing, easy to clean.
  • White background and subtle grey texture, polished surface. Very elegant. It seems simple, but it's not boring at all. Very suitable for consumers who like minimalist style.
  • This artificial quartz stone has a creamy white background, matched with a gray texture, and has the look and feel of natural marble, but the quality goes beyond marble, Create perfect kitchen islands, accent walls, vanity tops, backsplashes, and more for both commercial and residential applications.
  • This artificial quartz stone has a messy artistic beauty. Black and white contrast collocation, avant-garde, and innovation. Very impressive. Polished surface, smooth and bright. No need for sealing, no need for maintenance, easy cleaning.
  • The ivory white background,mimics the texture of the cracking effect, which is very vivid and artistic. This artificial quartz stone is also very classic and can be easily paired with any style. Whether applied on the floor, wall, or countertop will be the ideal choice.
  • Like the pursuit of chic aesthetic consumers, must not miss this artificial quartz stone. This is very rare in the market, unique. Subtle and bold patterns on an antique white background. Polished surface.
  • Snowy white background, grey texture, stylish and classic. Widely used in kitchen countertops, easily blend in any type of style. We customize 2 centimeters and 3 centimeters thicknesses, standard and professional.
  • White background and gray pattern collocation, always so classic, never tired of seeing. Any fashion space will have this artificial quartz stone. Polished surface. Bright and smooth. No need for sealing, no need for maintenance, easy cleaning.


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