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  • Calacatta white background with subtle grey veins, classic combination. and elegant. can effortlessly match with any type of design. and don’t have to worry about being outmoded. Popular for use as kitchen countertops, backsplashes, floors, walls, etc.
  • This artificial quartz stone is as comfortable as morning mist. Pure and fresh. A classic combination of white and gray, never tired of looking. Natural marbled touch. No maintenance, easy to clean. Long service life.
  • High-end ivory background combined with a bold grey pattern. Polished surface. Classic and fashionable, many consumers love it. This artificial quartz stone always creates a stylish and elegant atmosphere.
  • The Black and white background, always so beautiful, contrast collision out of the artistic sense. Fashion innovation is amazing. Polished surface, advanced touch.
  • This dreamy blue tone of artificial quartz stone will definitely refresh your aesthetic, with black texture, forming a beautiful contrast. Yes, when white dominates the whole stone aesthetic image, this dreamy blue artificial quartz is especially for consumers that looking for something unique.
  • The silver-gray background and the beautiful and artistic patterns are so fashionable and outstanding. Very impressive. Polished surface. Bright and smooth. This artificial quartz stone that can reflect taste and value.
  • This artificial quartz stone is a very visual impact, bright, and impressive. The contrast of black and white collision is bold and artistic. Polished surface, bright and smooth, advanced touch.
  • Polished Silvery white background, surface. Subtle black veins. Delicate and elegant fits all kinds of design styles. This artificial quartz stone can be effortlessly matched, retain its own characteristics, and will not dominate the whole space.
  • Creamy white background and gold pattern, noble and gorgeous collocation, not tacky at all. Very distinctive. Polished surface. Very advanced texture, like touching natural marble.
  • White background and gray pattern collocation, always so classic, never tired of seeing. Any fashion space will have this artificial quartz stone. Polished surface. Bright and smooth. No need for sealing, no need for maintenance, easy cleaning.
  • Snowy white background, grey texture, stylish and classic. Widely used in kitchen countertops, easily blend in any type of style. We customize 2 centimeters and 3 centimeters thicknesses, standard and professional.
  • Like the pursuit of chic aesthetic consumers, must not miss this artificial quartz stone. This is very rare in the market, unique. Subtle and bold patterns on an antique white background. Polished surface.
  • The ivory white background,mimics the texture of the cracking effect, which is very vivid and artistic. This artificial quartz stone is also very classic and can be easily paired with any style. Whether applied on the floor, wall, or countertop will be the ideal choice.
  • This artificial quartz stone has a messy artistic beauty. Black and white contrast collocation, avant-garde, and innovation. Very impressive. Polished surface, smooth and bright. No need for sealing, no need for maintenance, easy cleaning.
  • This artificial quartz stone has a creamy white background, matched with a gray texture, and has the look and feel of natural marble, but the quality goes beyond marble, Create perfect kitchen islands, accent walls, vanity tops, backsplashes, and more for both commercial and residential applications.


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